Friday the 13th Week: 6 Reasons Why The 2009 Friday The 13th Reboot Sucked

Jason Became A Kidnapper

Jason Voorhees kills people. Period. End of story. Jason Voorhees does not kill an entire group of nubile 20somethings and then decide to abduct one of them because…y’know what? I have no clue why he kidnapped Whitney. I know the movie tries to make us believe it was because she looked like his mom or something but Amanda Righetti does not look like Nana Visitor. Not at all. And past films have shown that unless a potential victim has on Pamela Voorhees’ ratty cow-neck sweater, there is no chance in hell that Jason will confuse her with his Mama. But in this movie Jason not only kidnaps Whitney and takes her back to his underground lair, he keeps her down there for 6 freaking months! That is not Jason’s modus operandi, people! That is the type of skeevy behavior one would expect from a Buffalo Bill serial killer type.
And just what was the plan anyway? Because the movie never bothered to show what Jason planned on doing with Whitney. Was he going to make her his bride? Have her become his stand-in mommy? What the hell was the point of holding her hostage?

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