5 Ways That The Inhumans TV Show Went The Cheapskate Route

I finally was able to finish my struggle watch of MARVEL’S THE INHUMANS TV show and I really would like to have those 10 hours of my life back. The show was dull, bland and aimless with no one thing or person truly standing out aside from an animated giant teleporting dog. Hopefully this failed experiment has taught the folks at Marvel’s TV division realizes that big cosmic fantasy properties are not the best use of their time and (obviously) limited resources. Also The Powers That Be over there have got to realize that Scott Buck is a guaranteed disaster machine as a showrunner and they never let him near another Marvel property ever again.
With all that being said, the thing that really stood out to me the most about this show is just how limited the aforementioned limited resources were. Not only did the show look cheap as hell, it also tried every trick in the book to clip coupons when it came to showing the fantastical powers and abilities of the titular characters on-screen.

Medusa Got A Haircut

The most egregious example of this show having no money was what they did with the character of Medusa. Initially the character of Medusa was a trending hashtag on Twitter when the first promotional photos came out for the show and it looked like the show had put a Dollar Magic synthetic weave on the actress playing Medusa. It was so tragic to see a beautiful woman like Serinda Swan forced to wear a wig that a novice drag queen would have set fire to before wearing it in public.

Then the first preview trailers and clips for the show came out and they were rightfully ridiculed by fans for just how badly rendered the CGI was for Medusa’s living hair. For as tacky as Medusa’s hair looked just sitting static on her head no one was prepared for the awfulness that was Medusa’s hair in motion. I have seen better animation FX done with a Commodore 64 than what was being put forth to the world by a show on a major TV channel.

And then the show premiered and after we got to see the same scenes of Medusa’s hair in sadly rendered motion that were shown in the trailers, the show pulled a fast one on us and decided that CGI cost too damn much so why not just give Medusa a buzz cut. Yes, this show decided that within the first 20 minutes of THE INHUMANS pilot episode that the character whose entire power set is based on her having hair should no longer have any freaking hair!

But I bet it saved them a couple of shekles that they could then spend on…hell I don’t know what they spent the money saved from not having to render Medusa’s hair. All I do know is that it wasn’t put back into the show.

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