5 Ways That The Inhumans TV Show Went The Cheapskate Route

Lockjaw Got Run Over By A DudeBro (Sung to the tune of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer)

Lockjaw, the shining light in the blah abyss that is THE INHUMANS, is a big ass alien dog with the ability to teleport. He is the Inhuman Royal Family’s preferred mode of transportation and the pet of Inhuman Valley Girl Crystal. So Lockjaw does a little bit of teleporting in the first episode especially when the evil Maximus turns on his brother Black Bolt and sends the Royal Family running to Earth. But just when Lockjaw finally makes the final jump to Earth himself he gets immediately hit by a himbo on an ATV and is incapacitated for an insane amount of time.

And why did Lockjaw have to be run over by Moondoggie? Ostensibly it was to have Crystal embark on a vapid romantic subplot with Hunk Golden but we all know the real reason why it happened. The CGI for a teleporting giant dog is expensive and, as we have already surmised, this show has no budget whatsoever. So Lockjaw not only gets sidelined from teleporting for several episodes, the big fella also stops being shown for most of that time too.

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