5 Ways That The Inhumans TV Show Went The Cheapskate Route

Exodus 33:20

“But,” he said, “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.”

Praise Jebus!!!

So in one of the early episodes Maximus calls up the big dogs in his pursuit of Black Bolt and The Royal Family (since his chosen general, Auran, was pretty incompetent) in the form of Mordis. Mordis is an Inhuman whose “gift” after going through the terra-genesis process was to basically shoot a death blast out of his face. Not his eyes, nope…his entire face! Mordis is supposedly on par with Black Bolt (whose slightest whisper unleashes devastating energy waves) in the power department but has less control over his power unless he wears Man In The Iron Mask type mask at all times. So of course Black Bolt, whose own abilities are pretty destructive and reckless, locks Mordis away forever because Black Bolt is a dick as a ruler. One burp from him could topple a mountain but he gets to not only roam around free but becomes king while poor Mordis gets thrown into Inhuman Gitmo.

Anyhoo, Mordis comes to Earth in hot pursuit of Black Bolt and we finally get the set up of a major battle between two guys whose power sets should make for a really cool visual display. So it makes perfect sense that instead of giving fans something awesome this show decides that Black Bolt would instead face off near a gas line that Black Bolt has rigged to blow if hit by a stray blast from Mordis’ face. Super-powered battle of the titans gets taken off the menu and instead we get a non-powered battle that is poorly staged between a couple of stunt workers. Because a super-powered battle would have likely blown the budget of $12.89 that ABC gave this show’s producers per episode.
It is almost like the unofficial motto of THE INHUMANS TV show is “we can’t have nice things”.

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