5 Ways That The Inhumans TV Show Went The Cheapskate Route

Kryolan Charges How Much For That Green Makeup?

Triton is an aquatic member of The Royal Family of Inhumans (which is odd considering there is supposedly no water on Attilan) and in the show he is sent out to locate new Inhumans and bring them back to Attilan. We get to see Triton for about 5 minutes in the first episode and then he is presumed dead and not seen again until episode 7 I think. All I can think of is that the folks running this show did a quick accounting of their makeup budget and realized that painting Mike Moh‘s face and body mint green for 8 episodes was a cost they just were not willing to pay. So Triton gets back-burnered for the majority of the show and misses about 6 episodes…I think I am jealous of Triton on that front.

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