5 Ways That The Inhumans TV Show Went The Cheapskate Route

Meanwhile, In The Projects On The Moon…

OK, The Inhumans base of operations is the city of Attilan hidden in the “blue area of the moon” that is an artificial environment tucked inside one of the moon’s craters. In the comics Attilan is a high-tech wonder of a city but in the TV show Attilan is a dumpy mostly gray slab of concrete that looks like it was designed by an accountant. And even with that disappointment the majority of the show was moved from the otherworldly setting of Attilan to the more terrestrial setting of Earth…Hawaii to be exact.

True to frugal form though, even  the majority of the scenes that were set in Hawaii looked to have been shot on a sound-stage instead of the natural locale. I guess throwing together a couple of plastic palm trees and fiberglass bushes was a cheaper alternative to getting permits to shoot on location in Hawaii or having to design multiple sets for an entire alien city in the fabled “blue area of the moon”. And cost effectiveness looked to be the rallying cry for producers of THE INHUMANS.

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