The 5 Most Important Guys In The Friday the 13th Franchise

Despite being super violent, bloody horror movies that tend to venture into the realm of titillation for the male gaze an awful lot, the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise has really been all about the women. Starting with the first film where the protagonist and the antagonist were both women and then going into the majority of the sequels where Jason Voorhees ultimately would end up doing battle against a Final Girl, women have been the central figures in this film franchise. But that doesn’t mean some fellas haven’t played pivotal roles in the action too. So I have listed under the cut the gentlemen who I think have had the biggest impact on Jason and his bloody library of movies over the years.


“Doomed! You’re all doomed!”

And with the wild-eyed bellowing of those words a horror movie trope was born. Crazy Ralph is the prototype for the Harbinger of Impending Doom characters in future slasher films. Crazy Ralph imparted his own brand of Nostradamus style forewarning while drunkenly riding his beat up old bike all around the town adjacent to Camp Crystal Lake. Of course the deranged proclamations of the town drunk will be ignored and ignored they were for two entire movies right up until Jason Voorhees decided that “snitches get stitches” and silenced Crazy Ralph forever.

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