The 5 Most Important Guys In The Friday the 13th Franchise


Aside from being the coolest character to ever appear in a FRIDAY THE 13TH movie, Creighton Duke is also pretty important because he was basically the human Wikipedia of information about Jason’s true nature. Now I am not a fan of the whole “Jason is a demonic body hopping entity” but it became a thing in the franchise and it was Creighton Duke who provided the 411 to viewers as to just what Jason really was, what his goals were and how he could finally be killed for good (or so we thought). Duke was a bit of a mystery man so we never found out how he came to gain all of this knowledge himself and aside from cryptic clues that he once faced off with Jason and had sought revenge ever since we knew next to nothing about the shady bounty hunter. What we did know is that Duke, thanks to the charismatic acting job of veteran character actor Stephen Williams, made a truly lasting impression in just one film appearance.

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