The 5 Most Important Guys In The Friday the 13th Franchise


Rob Dier doesn’t get much love from the fans of the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise but that is something that really should change. While a surface level look at Rob may make hims eem like a negligible victim of the multitudes of people killed in these movies, Rob actually was the guy who kicked off a Trope that became a running plot point in this franchise. Rob Dier was the brother of Sandra Dier (who has one of the most memorable deaths in the franchise’s history) and he was the first character to dedicate his life to hunting and stopping Jason Voorhees. Rob begat future Tommy Jarvis, Creighton Duke and was the model for the Jared Padalecki character in the 2009 FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot movie. So while Rob was an epic failure when it came to being a Jason Voorhees hunter, he was the inspiration for all Jason Voorhees hunters who came afterward.

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