The 5 Most Important Guys In The Friday the 13th Franchise

Shelly Finkelstein (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III)

Shelly was the worst. I guess the viewers were supposed to relate to Shelly since he was an “Everyman character” who was overweight, unsure about himself and self-conscious about his looks and a merry prankster who also happened to be a huge horror fanboy. However all of that came across as obnoxious as hell onscreen. As Shelly, with his poofy Brady Bunch perm, behaved like a total twat from the first second he appeared in the movie. He was annoying and judgmental (what guy his age lectures their stoner friends about life choices?) and just useless in stressful situations. And his pranks were more cruel than funny! The guy was passive aggressively taking his own self-hatred out on everyone in his group.
But Shelly holds a very important place in the FRIDAY THE 13th mythos because it was thanks to Shelly that Jason Voorhees glowed up from a dirty potato sack with a hole in it to the ever so cool hockey mask that the character is known for. So thank you, Shelly for inadvertently giving Jason his cool look. But you are still the worst.

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