Bad Movies That Rock: Jason X

Reason #1 That It Rocks: Jason vs Space Marines

Options for being innovative with the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise had dried up long ago so the folks behind JASON X decided to look outside the box and not only send Jason to the future but they sent him to the future in space! This gave them the opportunity to take the time honored FRIDAY model of oversexed young adults being lined up for slaughter and mix it with a budget version of the Space Marines from ALIENS who even have their own android. And a chunk of the movie actually plays like ALIENS on speed if it were made by the guys at The Asylum as Jason quickly dispatches the Marines with hardly any trouble at all so he can get to main course of killing those damn kids with their runaway libidos and penchant for unmarried sex. With a better budget a better director a few less awful actors this could have been a legitimately good movie instead of the so bad it’s good film that it turned out to be.

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