Bad Movies That Rock: Jason X

Reason #4 That It Rocks: The Look of the Future

The spaceships of the future in this movie look like they were designed by someone who went to the Doctor Who School of interstellar vehicle design. They aren’t super chintzy looking like early Who but more along the lines of the 2015 return of the show where you could tell BBC still wasn’t coughing up much in the way of budget for the show. So the height of far flung future space faring vehicles looked made out of mid-grade plastics with tech from Gateway and furniture from Ikea.

And the clothes! Everyone dressed like they were from some odd society that merged the fashion sense of the citizens from LOGAN’S RUN with the folks at the dance party in THE MATRIX RELOADED and the uber-1990s fashions of any show that was airing on The WB at the time. But nothing beat the space marines with their space rifles made of PVC piping and fluorescent light tubing accompanied by armor that they got from the BMX bike supply aisle of their local sporting good store.

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