Bad Movies That Rock: Jason X

Reason #3 That It Rocks: It Recognizes How Ridiculous It Is

JASON X never takes itself all that seriously and really how could it? So instead it embraced the stupid and gave us scene after goofily charming scene mixed in with the standard FRIDAY THE 13TH bloody violence. I mean the movie begins with Jason trussed up in the sub-basement of the Camp Crystal Lake Research Facility and things get progressively crazier from there.

Things like the ship’s android trying on nipples so that she can get her Pinocchio fantasy on and be a “real girl”. Or the kills in the game simulation where two guys got hacked apart by Jason but were still having a nonchalant conversation. Or the android battle against Jason that had some of the most comically bad Roger Corman does The Matrix style fight choreography one could ever hope to see.

That fight with the android results in Jason’s major upgrade transformation from old school waterlogged Jason Voorhees into hi-tech cyborg Jason. Or a pre-SPARTACUS Peter Mensah having a legit comedy near-death scene  like a boss with one liners and everything. Or the absolute hilarity of one character thinking that giving Jason back his trusty machete was enough of a gesture of good will that Jason wouldn’t kill him. Narrator: He was wrong.

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