Bad Movies That Rock: Jason X

Reason #2 That It Rocks: It’s Got Lexa Doig In It

The 2nd best export from Canada (behind William Shatner of course!) is one Alexandra Lecciones Doig…Lexa if your nasty. Or if you want to call her by the name she prefers to be called. Anyhoo, Ms Doig is one of those actresses whose face you may recognize without actually knowing her name because she has popped up on jillions of TV shows and movies over the years and she kicks butt in and as Rowan LaFontaine she was the best thing about JASON X.

Rowan was a scientist who knew her way around firearms and was always out-thinking our hockey masked hero Jason. She fought Jason through two separate centuries and gave him the type of hard time that only the best Final Girls tend to give to the bad guys in slasher horror films. That is why she made my list of Top 5 Friday the 13th Final Girls and is pretty high up on my list of best Final Girls period.

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