Bad Movies That Rock: Friday The 13th – The New Blood

Reason #1 That It Rocks: The Movie Is Basically Carrie White vs Jason Voorhees

Tina Fletcher was a psychic/telekinetic with emotional issues and very little control of her powers who was under the thumb of a domineering parental figure and made to feel like a freak. Does that description remind you of someone? Because it sounds a whole freaking lot like a certain Carrie White to me. And as a stand in for Carrie White in a face-off with Jason, Tina acquitted herself quite nicely. Sure, Lar Park Lincoln was no where near the level of actress of an Academy Award winner like Sissy Spacek but when all I was looking for was someone who could make head movement and squinty eyes as a means of showing her using her powers against a murderous swamp goalie Ms Lincoln did a swell job.
If the folks who own the rights to the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise knew what was good for them they would start making new movies featuring Jason vs Dollar Tree versions of other classic modern horror antagonists. It would be cheaper and less logistically challenging than getting the rights to a Michael Myers or a Leatherface but could still be really fun and make some decent coin.

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