Bad Movies That Rock: Friday The 13th – The New Blood

Reason #2 That It Rocks: It’s Kane Hodder’s First Time In The Hockey Mask

Kane Hodder is so synonymous with playing Jason Voorhees that it is sometimes hard to remember that he didn’t step into the role of everyone’s favorite mass murdering forest dweller until deep into the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise’s run. That just goes to show how much of an impact Hodder had with his performance. Hodder brought a certain menacing physicality to the role that made his every movement so intimidating and when Jason was in the act of killing folks there was an aggressive realism to the way Hodder went about it that just stood out. The guy just kicked ass under that hockey mask.
I especially loved how Hodder initially played Jason’s bewilderment at Tina’s powers but eventually just seems pissed off by her and her telekinesis after a while.

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