Bad Movies That Rock: Friday The 13th – The New Blood

Reason #4 That It Rocks: The Victims Next Door

I am not a fan of stereotypes but I tend to make an exception for horror movies where stereotypes are to be expected and can sometimes be awfully comforting. Thankfully, all the stereotypes one could hope for were in place in this FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE NEW BLOOD when it came to the college kids who were having a party weekend in the house next door to Tina’s. On the guys side we had the uptight preppy, The Bad Boy, The Geek, the Token Black Guy and The (literal) Boy Next Door with a heart of gold and a gigantic hero complex. On the side of the ladies we had The Nerd, The Party Girl, The Sex Kitten, the Token Black Girl and of course The Bitch. No good slasher flick is complete without a mean girl who the audience can be happy to watch get murdered. Melissa (the rich bitch in question) was relentlessly harsh to Tina and just as relentless in her pursuit of “Boy Next Door” Nick regardless of how clear Nick made it that he wasn’t interested. And the way she played with poor geeky Eddie’s emotions in hopes of making Nick jealous was just cruel.

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