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The Worst Looking New Fall TV Shows

So I did a “The Best Looking Fall TV Shows” post the other day so it only makes sense that I do a post for which shows look pretty terrible from their trailer/preview clips. Now this doesn’t mean that these show will actually be bad because in previous years a couple of the shows that I thought looked pretty awful ended up securing spots on my weekly DVR list. That doesn’t change the fact that as afar as first impressions go these shows are not putting their best foot forward.
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The Worst Looking New Fall TV Shows

Following in the footsteps of my Best Looking New Fall TV Shows post I felt it necessary to address the flip side. I was pretty spot on with some of my choices from last years post (I saw the horrible writing on the wall with MULANEY) and completely wrong on one in particular (alas poor SELFIE, we hardly knew ye). So sit back, relax and let me provide a PSA to any unsuspecting TV viewers to stay far away from the shows under the cut.

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The Best Looking New Fall TV Shows

I did this last year and figured it was something worth doing annually just because I am a TV aficionado and I like to come back after a season is over to see if my first impressions turned out to be correct (I was all over the place with last year’s picks). So strap in and take a gander at what I think are the best looking shows the big broadcast networks plan on giving us next season.

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Wishful Casting The Supergirl TV Show

Having been given a full series commitment from CBS, the new SUPERGIRL TV show is now moving onto the casting stage with the announcements of the primary cast members that will be featured on the show. Since this is coming from the same folks that have given us the wonderful ARROW and FLASH shows over on The CW, I am very optimistic about the quality of this series even if I am a bit confused about why it is going to air on CBS instead of The CW. So taking the character casting sheets that have been released I have decided to do my own bit of wishful casting for the show using only veterans of shows that aired on The CW. Because if there is one thing they love at The CW/CBS it’s recycling actors.

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Cancellation Watch: Which New Fall TV Shows Will Be The First To Go?

Every fall the TV networks debut a slew of new shows with high hopes for their success and every fall some of those shows die almost immediate deaths (last season the first to go was CBS’s MADE IN JERSEY) . So which of this fall’s crop of new shows will be the first ones to meet the executioner?

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The Worst Looking New Fall TV Shows

Last month the TV networks debuted their new offerings for the fall season and while some shows look very promising like The Flash, Constantine, Grace Point (the US adaptation of Broadchurch) and The Whispers; other shows look downright abysmal. So with that in mind I have picked the worst of the bunch as a public service to help innocent TV viewers avoid the awful.

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Big Brother Bigotry Supercut

This season of BIG BROTHER has been exceedingly racist/sexist/prejudiced as if there was a casting call for the most obnoxious and hateful attention whores in the country and the best and brightest all were thrown into one tacky house to have their every move recorded 24/7. Usually the show doesn’t make the more offensive stuff that is shown on the live feeds on the thrice weekly TV show but the outrage over the offensive statements from the house guests was so strong that CBS aired a clip of the racist statements of two house guests, Aaryn and GinaMarie, which was a ice first step especially since the show the viewers to vote on a season MVP and that person will win a cash prize so voters really do need to be informed of who these people are. However, there has been much more hateful crap spewed out by other house guests which did not get an airing on the CBS show but luckily a bigotry compilation video has been put together showing just how vile the majority of this season’s cast really are.

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