Ranking The Ghostface Kills From Scream 2

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of SCREAM 2, the sequel to the movie that kickstarted the 90s horror movie wave, and one of the rare sequels in the horror genre that was actually pretty darn entertaining. So to commemorate the occasion I decided to rank the death scenes in this movie from worst to best.

8. Derek Feldman

Derek was Sidney’s new boyfriend and his death was pretty lame for a slasher movie. Earlier in the evening of the big final confrontation between Sidney and Ghostface, Derek’s frat brothers abducted him for some frat boy shenanigans and left him tied up to some theater prop and as Sidney tries to untie him, Ghostface shows up, unmasks to reveal he is Mickey, Derek’s best friend, and then shoots Derek in the chest.
Yep the scary slasher shoots a guy. Big whoop. If you can’t tell, I hate it when the villain of a slasher movie uses a gun.

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