Ranking The Ghostface Kills From Scream 2

6. Officer Andrews and Officer Richards

Officers Andrews and Richards are tasked with protecting Sidney and her best friend/roommate and prove themselves woefully ill-equipped for the job. While driving the two young ladies to a secure location the officers stop at a red light and almost immediately the two veteran, armed police officers get taken out by a guy in a cheap plastic mask and cloak who only has a knife as a weapon. Andrews or Richards (I can never keep their names straight) gets his throat slashed while the other one gets kicked in the face then ends up hanging onto the hood of the car that Ghostface has now commandeered. And the hilarity of Ghostface behind the wheel of a late model sedan cannot be undervalued. Ghostface then commits vehicular homicide by crashing the car into some roadside construction equipment which results in a very obvious (budget ran out maybe?) dummy of Andrews or Richards getting a steel rod shot through his face.

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