Ranking The Ghostface Kills From Scream 2

5. Hallie McDaniel

Hallie had possibly the most ridiculous death scene in the whole movie. She and Sidney are being taken by the aforementioned cops to a secure location but when the cops stop at a light Ghostface appears and kills them, then hops behind the wheel and crashes the car with Sidney and Hallie in the backseat. This knocks Ghostface out which gives Sidney and Hallie time to crawl out of the wrecked car and escape to freedom! Sike!
Sidney, over Hallie’s objections, debates whether to go back and remove Ghostface’s mask to see who the killer really is but by the time she makes up her mind and actually goes back to the crashed police car, Ghostface is not only gone but he has used his ability to teleport through wormholes to appear behind Hallie where he proceeds to stab her to death.
It plays on screen even worse than I described it.

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