Will Win: Daniel Day-Lewis, THE PHANTOM THREAD

I had Day-Lewis penciled in as the winner of this award before I even saw THE PHANTOM THREAD because he is Daniel Day-Lewis but add in that this is supposedly Day-Lewis’ last acting role and he plans on retiring from the business…well this is a no-brainer. there is no way that the Academy won’t make sure that Day-Lewis goes out on top with what will supposedly be his last little gold man statue. It also doesn’t hurt that Day-Lewis was phenomenal in THE PHANTOM THREAD which should make giving him the award even easier.

Should Win: Daniel Day-Lewis, THE PHANTOM THREAD

I explained all of this up above. You don’t let Daniel freaking Day-Lewis leave the acting business empty-handed. This award is his all day erry day.

Got Snubbed: Kumail Nanjiani, THE BIG SICK

In the BIG SICK, Kumail Nanjani gave a wonderfully unexpected performance in a very personal film (the basis of THE BIG SICK was Nanjani’s own relationship with his wife) and I really was hoping he would get recognized by the Academy. I always think it is incumbent upon The Oscars to recognize a breakthrough performance and reward it so that that the work done can be seen by a wider audience and the actor can be reframed by Hollywood so that in the future he or she is given an opportunity to do more good work in quality projects. To me, Nanjani epitomizes that philosophy. I hae seen him in so many movies and TV shows in parts that never even gave a hint that he was capable of what he showed in THE BIG SICK and he should have been recognized for it.

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