Because the majority of voters in the Academy are out of touch asshats. That is why Sam Rockwell is going to win for this wretched role in that wretched movie. To Rockwell’s credit he did fine work in what was a badly written troublesome role but he shouldn’t have been nominated let alone win. So he’s gonna win.

Should Win: Richard Jenkins, THE SHAPE OF WATER

While I have a soft spot for Willem DaFoe and enjoyed what he did in THE FLORIDA PROJECT, I have to give it to Richard Jenkins who gave such a sweet, heartfelt and funny performance as the closeted gay man/confidante in THE SHAPE OF WATER. He brought so much heart and quiet dignity mixed with an underlying melancholy to the role and he just touched me so much. He really deserves the award.

Got Snubbed: Armie Hammer, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME

I am not the biggest fan of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME as a film but I do recognize the things about it that work and chief among those things in Armie Hammer’s understated performance as the lead character’s object of desire. So when Timothee Chalamet get’s a nomination but his romantic partner does not it leaves me scratching my head. If I am being honest I would say that Hammer gave a far more impressive performance than Chalamet and most of what worked with Chalamet’s performance came from playing off what Hammer gave him in their scenes.

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