I Doubt People Will be Making Fun of Aquaman Anymore

I am a diehard Aquaman fan (a fact I have made known previously) and I loved the MAN OF STEEL movie (take your whining about Superman killing Zod and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine) so I have been amped out of this world ever since it was announced that Aquman was going to have a small role in the upcoming BATMAN V SUPERMAN movie as a prelude to the Justice League film. I was even more jazzed when Jason Momoa was cast in the role because Jason Momoa only plays badasss characters and I really wanted to see a badass Aquaman on the big screen. And I just went over the moon when Zack Snyder went out of his way to show he felt pretty much the same way about Aquaman. So now that Snyder has given us a glimpse of Momoa in full Aquaman regalia I am angry that I have to wait an entire year to see this awesomeness on a big screen.

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Superman 75th Anniversary Tribute Video

Warner Brothers Animation teamed up Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm to create a snazzy 2 minute video of Superman throughout his 75 years of existence from the first issue of Action Comics through this past summer’s MAN OF STEEL. It’s a really cool tribute to the character.
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Walter White Is The New Lex Luthor?

According to a website called Cosmic Book News (yeah I have never heard of it before either but outlets from Rolling Stone to The Daily Mail are reporting the story ), WB has signed BREAKING BAD’s Bryan Cranston to a multi-picture deal to be Lex Luthor. Cranston was on my list of candidates for the gig so I am going to be quite pleased if this turns out to be true. I wonder how Cranston’s hiring will effect the opinions of the rabid anti-Affleck freak shows.
Click the jump to see a cool fan-made pic of what Cranston’s Luthor may look like.

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Superman Loves Killing [SPOILER]

A lot of pearl clutching and catching of the vapors has been happening with Superman fans since the opening of the MAN OF STEEL movie a few weeks ago largely because of an action that Superman takes at the end of the film. Turn back if you have yet to see the movie or have a general aversion to spoilers because there is a big one after the jump.

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The Daily Nerdgasm: Mass Murder of Steel

While I had no problems with the massive amounts of destruction that resulted from the fighting in the MAN OF STEEL movie but I know some people were quite bothered by it. Well artist Kyle Baker (WHY I HATE SATURN) was bothered enough that he created a game about it called MASS MURDER OF STEEL. And its pretty damn fun.
Check it out.

Man of Steel Is A Success So…What About Lex Luthor?

MAN OF STEEL is on track to net over $125 million bucks (which is huge especially for a 3 day/non-holiday weekend) and Warner Brothers has already greenlit the sequel. Now this movie is the first Superman film to not feature Lex Luthor since SUPERMAN 3 gave us Robert Vaughn and Richard Pryor as Superman’s adversaries even though we got glimpses of LuthorCorp building and trucks so we know Lex is a major player in this new Superman universe. the question to be asked though is: who should be Lex Luthor?

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