The Comic Book Characters I Really Want To See On Arrow

As a diehard comic book fan I am completely hooked on The CW’s ARROW Tv show that follows the adventures of DC Comic’s Green Arrow in live-action form. The show could have very easily devolved into a soapy SMALLVILLE style mess but somehow the folks behind ARROW managed to walk the perfect tightrope of super-hero action goodness with CW style melodrama to create the best comic book based series on TV (take that AGENTS OF SHIELD!). Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer for the remainder of Season 2 after the cut and prepare to get hooked on this show.

Was that awesome or was that awesome? The Suicide Squad, Deathstroke, a quasi-Birds of Prey! All things that make my geeky heart squee with joy.
Now one of the best things about ARROW is all of the little Easter Eggs that get dropped every episode for comic fans to pick up. It is through those Easter Eggs that I have compiled this list of characters from the comics that I really want to see on the sow in the not too distant future.

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