The Comic Book Characters I Really Want To See On Arrow


In The Comics: Kate Spencer is a divorced single mom federal prosecutor who finally gets fed up with super-villains getting off scott free with their crimes and decided to do something about it. She stole confiscated villain hardware from an evidence room and started prowling the streets as The Manhunter. She eventually got drafted into service with a government agency for a time and was briefly a member of the Birds of Prey and also joined the Justice Society of America. After leaving the federal prosecutor’s office, Kate became a defense attorney with her most high profile case being defending Wonder Woman from murder charges.

On The Show: We were introduced to Kate Spencer as the D.A. of Starling City when Oliver Queen was arrested for murder. Spencer believed that Oliver was the hooded vigilante and offered Oliver an insanity plea since she assumed his violent tendencies were due to post-traumatic stress. The next time we saw Kate was when Moira Queen was on trial for her part in causing the Undertaking (an earthquake machine that decimated the poor side of town) and assigned Oliver’s ex-girlfriend Laurel to the case as lead prosecutor. Kate has also been mentioned on the show several times. The role of Kate Spencer on the show is played by Chelah Horsdal who is doing a bang up job as the mother of all psychos over on FOX’s THE FOLLOWING.

What I’d Like To See: It would be reasonable to have D.A. Spencer get fed up with the way none of the wealthy criminals she prosecutes are found guilty and decide to take matters into her own hands as a masked vigilante. There have been enough villains with hi-tech weaponry on ARROW for Kate to amass a pretty decent arsenal to use in her own war on crime. Then Kate Spencer as Manhunter could begin to have run-ins with The Arrow because her tactics are a bit too extreme.

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