The Comic Book Characters I Really Want To See On Arrow

Blue Beetle

In The Comics: Ted Kord is a brilliant inventor and the CEO of Kord Industries. he was also mentored by his old college professor Dan Garrett who just happened to formerly be the costumed hero, The Blue Beetle. When Garret died, Kord took up the mantle of The Blue Beetle using his gymnastic skills, fighting ability and scientific genius to fight crime. Kord became a longstanding member of the Justice League and best friends/crimefighting partners with Booster Gold, a fellow JL member and adventurer from the future. Sadly, Blue Beetle was killed in action.

On The Show: while we have never seen Ted Kord on ARROW we have heard mention of his company on numerous occasions and have been shown the logo for Kord Industries almost as often. From everything we have seen on the show Kord Industries is the technological leader in Starling City.

What I’d Like To See: With Kord Industries firmly established on the show I think we need to see the man behind the company make an appearance. I could see Queen Consolidated entering into a joint venture with Kord Industries that brings Ted Kord into contact with Oliver Queen. Isabel Rochev, in her desire to tank Queen Consolidated so she can do a hostile takeover of the company, hires some goons to sabotage the venture and kidnap Ted Kord. Kord, however is not an easy mark and using his brains and physical abilities to make the kidnappers job a difficult one. of course he eventually needs to be rescued by The Arrow but his little misadventure leaves Kord with a taste for a more action packed life and he goes about creating his own costumed persona. The build up to Blue Beetle making an appearance could be a long one with Kord appearing for the majority of a season before debuting as Blue Beetle.

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