The Comic Book Characters I Really Want To See On Arrow


In The Comics: Jade Nguyen is an assassin and mercenary who spends most of her time fighting the various versions of the Teen Titans. She has been a member of many groups including the Injustice League. She also was involved in a romantic relationship with Roy Harper that resulted in the pair conceiving a daughter named Lian.

On The Show: Roy Harper is a former street tough turned would-be vigilante who strove to become a partner to The Arrow. He is dating Oliver Queen’s sister Thea and after a run-in with Brother Blood was injected with the volatile Mirakuru drug that has given him super-strength. Oliver invited Roy to join “Team Arrow” so that he could help Roy learn to control his abilities and use them to fight crime.

What I’d Like To See: With Roy established on the show as being Thea’s boyfriend I would introduce Cheshire as a member of the League of Assassins sent by Nyssa al Ghul to keep tabs on and watch over The Canary (her former lover) because a target that The Canary was to take out while a member of The League has turned up alive and is seeking revenge on her. Cheshire would worm her way into the inner circle of “Team Arrow” and set her sights on Roy who she is immediately attracted to which would create drama with Thea. I would go for a younger and brash version of Cheshire like the way she was presented on the YOUNG JUSTICE cartoon.

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