The Comic Book Characters I Really Want To See On Arrow

The Atom

In The Comics: Ray Palmer is a physics professor who discovered a white dwarf star and used it to give himself the ability to shrink to subatomic size. He then began a crimefighting career as the Atom becoming a longstanding member of the Justice League. He was married to attorney Jean Loring.

On The Show: Jean Loring on ARROW was shown to be a longtime friend of Moira Queen and defended her when she was trial for her role in the Undertaking. So if Jean Loring is around her husband can’t be too far away, right? Jean Loring was played by Teryl Rothery on the show and she appeared in multiple episodes.

What I’d Like To See: Considering the fact that Moira seems to have very few friends I would have Jean start to spend more time with her. This would lead to Moira offering Ray Palmer, Jeans husband, a job in R&D at Queen Consolidated where Palmer would discover a white dwarf star.. Ray could just be the eccentric genius at QC whose scientific findings grab the attention of some bad guys and he’d need Arrow to save him. Then we could discover that the villainous Malcolm Merlyn is looking to use Palmer to create another device like his earthquake machine to continue his “survival of the fittest” plan on a wider scale using the white dwarf star. In an attempt to stop this new device Palmer destroys it and is bathed in the white dwarf energy gaining the power to change size. The rest is history.

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