My Name Is Derek And I Am Still A Hate-Watcher


Man, it bums me out that I have to put ARROW on this list. I am a total comic book nerd and for 2 seasons and some change ARROW gave me everything I wanted in a comic book adaptation. But the seams were starting to fray in the early parts of Season 3. Sure some things were cool like Laurel training to become the best Black Canary she could be, the mystery of Sara’s murder, the introduction of Ray Palmer, the promise of finally seeing Ra’s Al Ghul in the flesh…but on the flip side we were being hit over the head with the dreaded specter of “Olicity” at every turn and the Felicity character in particular was becoming a much bigger character than she really needed to be. Instead of being the quirky comic relief Felicity was becoming the co-lead of the show which called on Emily Bett Rickards to have to do more than play quirky comedy and actually do some real acting which exposed the serious flaws in Miss Rickard’s acting abilities.
But even though things were a bit uneven I can honestly say I was still in love with ARROW all the way up to the 9th episode of the show titled “The Climb” that saw Oliver and Ra’s Al Ghul have an epic sword in the mountains of Nanda Parbat where Al Ghul skewered Oliver and kicked him off the side of the mountain seemingly to his death. That was some truly OMG stuff right there and I ws on pins and needles throughout the weeks long hiatus wondering how the show was going to explain how Oliver survived and just how much of a recovery would he have to undergo to heal from his wounds? Would the other members of Team Arrow be up to the challenge of defending their city from all of the bad guys while Oliver was out of commission? How would Al Ghul react when he found out Oliver hadn’t died? So much potential for cool storylines were possible but the folks behind ARROW decided all of that stuff mattered little and they decided to make everything in the show revolve around the Oliver/Felicity relationship and Olicity began to eat the show. And sadly the awfulness of Olicity has been the driving force of ARROW ever since.
Other supporting characters are given short shrift; Laurel Lance The friggin’ Black Canary was killed off and Felicity has been given her own cast of supporting characters and untold focus of the show to the point that in most scenes that she is not in people spend time talking about her. ARROW has basically become OLICITY & FRIENDS because the show is now being written solely for a very vocal group of Tumblr fangirls. So I am still in hate-watch mode with ARROW as I have been for about a season and a half but this past season was so dreadful that I am beginning to question if I just hate the show and if that is the case then I may have to just stop watching it altogether.

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