My Name Is Derek And I Am Still A Hate-Watcher


There is something about a show that features people who are supposed to be smart who behave like total idiots in order to move the show from Point A to Point B that attracts me to them and that is basically what happened with THE STRAIN. Initially I was pumped for the show. I had read the novel the show was based on and I am always open to checking out pretty much anything Guillermo del Toro is involved in. Plus it was about vampires. I love vampires. So THE STRAIN was right up my alley and should have been something I loved but I quickly realized that the show was not going to be what I hoped it would be. And even worse the show proved it was going to do everything in its power to be as obnoxious and annoying as possible by making all of the character we are supposed to root for be monumentally stupid. Now stupid characters is fine if you are making a show about a bunch of teenagers being stalked by a serial killer (more on that later) but in a show with scientists and 100 year old vampire hunters as the protagonists you kinda expect them to not act like morons. But week in and week out these geniuses do one dumb thing after another and never seem to learn from their idiocy.
There is also the little issue of how the vamps in this show can infect you with just a drop of their bodily fluids since its full of these little vampire worm thingees yet our heroes get into close quarter combat with the vamps, hacking off heads and limbs with white vampire goo flying all over the place and they never get infected but day players are constantly getting infected by stray spittle or some such nonsense. This is just annoying because these are the rules of this universe that the show set up with the first episode and for them to play so fast and loose with their own rules bothers me. Give me some gosh darn consistency, people!

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