My Name Is Derek And I Am Still A Hate-Watcher


Ah, SUPERNATURAL. A show I loved to pieces once upon a time and that I felt had the perfect ending with the final episode of Season 5 only to keep on going like some unstoppable demon from hell. SUPERNATURAL is also the only show on this list that was also on my first hate-watch post. And what I wrote then about why I fell out of love with SUPERNATURAL still stands today:

SUPERNATURAL has just been regurgitating the same old crap year after year: Sam and Dean have a disagreement, they both get emo, one keeps a secret from the other, angels do something awful, the boys hug it out and save the day.

The reason I haven’t given up completely on SUPERNATURAL is because of how the show is still capable of pulling off some truly inventive “Monster-of-the-Week” episodes in the midst of the mind-numbingly repetitive overarching story that is the focus of most of the season. Just this past season alone there were some true gems like “Baby” (an episode shot entirely from the POV of the brother’s car) and “Just My Imagination” (where someone is killing imaginary friends and Sam’s childhood imaginary friend comes to the brothers for help) and “Safe House” (which gave us some great Bobby and Rufus flashback scenes) which makes it impossible to stop watching altogether. But season long arcs are just weak and the Big Bads for every season since Season 5 have been even weaker. The Darkness from Season 11 was an awfully drab and uninteresting villain on par with the truly bottom shelf terribleness of Rowena (how the hell does every woman character on this show get killed off for good but somehow Rowena never stays dead?) or Ted Roman. If SUPERNATURAL would just toss the angels and heaven stuff into the waste basket and focus on just “Monster-of-the-Week” episodes for its final seasons then I predict the show could achieve greatness again. And finally find itself removed from my hate-watch list for good.

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