My Name Is Derek And I Am Still A Hate-Watcher


Now in regards to teenagers behaving stupidly while being stalked by a serial killer…the kids on SCREAM spend week after week all the things you expect teenagers to do in a slasher movie. They go to scary out of the way places all alone; they agree to meet the killer in scary put of the way places all alone; they never share any information about the killer with the authorities; they pretty much act like dumb kids which is what you’d expect. The problem with their behavior, and with SCREAM as a show, is that a bunch of teenagers acting clueless in a 2 hour movie is something that can be overlooked but to have the same teenagers acting clueless every week for 10 weeks gets tedious after the 2nd episode.
Then there is the way the show makes the killer into some odd combo of MacGyver, Batman and Michael Myers. This guy (or gal) gets into places that he or she should never be able to get into, devises overly complex murder traps that rely on way too much happenstance in order to be successful, is a computer hacking super genius and has the strength and fighting skills of a roided out ninja. Everything about the killer is ridiculous and then becomes even more so when the killer ends up being revealed as some nutty girl blogger or a reject from BEVERLY HILLS 90210.

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