Hate Watching The Walking Dead [S08E10: The Lost and the Plunderers]

E is for Enid

I do not think that I could have given less of a damn about anything having to do with THE WALKING DEAD as I did with this segment of the episode. I barely care about Enid at all and Aaron is like Dale’s old RV, I like him well enough but rarely think about him much and will probably only care even a little bit when he is set on fire and destroyed. So watching these two continue their clusterfuck adventure to the Oceanside community was not my idea of a good time. It didn’t help that I had completely forgotten about Enid killing the Top Grandma at Oceanside in Episode 8, it was made even worse that I forgot that Top Grandma was the actual granny of the Cyndi character who becomes the de facto leader since her granny is dead. And having Cyndi’s first move as new leader to be swayed by some bullshit speechifying from Enid (where she acted like killing Top Grandma was her doing Oceanside a favor) instead of just killing Enid and Aaron made me immediately care even less than I already didn’t care.

Worst of all with this segment was that it was trying so hard to force this bond between Enid and Aaron that I don’t recall existing. Have Enid and Aaron ever been close before the decision to go on this road trip? Because I sure as hell don’t remember it. And what the hell was the reason for Aaron sticking behind at Oceanside? The Oceansiders showed mercy but also told him and Enid to get out and never come back under penalty of death. Aaron deciding he has to stay because he needs to convince the Oceansiders to join the fight against the Saviors was so nonsensical. Aaron is a man, which makes him immediately a subject of suspicion by the Oceansiders. Aaron is also a stranger. So what makes him, a strange man, think he will be able to change the minds of a community of women who fear and distrust men? And right on the heels of him coming to their camp with his associate who ended up killing Oceanside’s leader and then being an asshole about it? And why is Aaron so desperate for the Oceanside ladies anyway? Oceanside has no guns since Rick took them all and as far as Aaron knows Rick’s plan worked like a charm and The Saviors have been defeated. This is all just dumb and a waste of time.

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