Hate Watching The Walking Dead [S08E10: The Lost and the Plunderers]

J is for Jadis

The Trash People have been an awful addition to this show from the first second they appeared so I was pleased as punch that Simon killed all of them except for Jadis. Another plus was that we got to see a glimpse of Jadis as a human being instead of some goofy reject from MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME. Jadis talking to Rick and Michonne in complete sentences instead of that silly Trash People lingo was a long time coming and I liked it. It added a new dimension to a terrible character that I have wanted dead for a while now. I still want Jadis to die but now I am willing to watch her get up to some hijinks first. And I felt for Jadis a little bit when Rick left her to die surrounded by her undead crew. Rick was a total dick in that moment and its obvious that he isn’t buying into Carl’s kumbaya deathbed declarations.

Best of all with this Jadis segment is how she dealt with her zombified followers after Rick refused to help her escape the junkyard with him and Michonne. I do wonder why she didn’t just use the grinder to dispatch all of the zombies to begin with. I also wonder how she was able to power that grinder too; are we supposed to take that throwaway line from Simon about the solar panels and helicopter pad as an explanation for why Jadis could just flip a switch and have some heavy machinery running at full power?

And if that is the case then the next question becomes: What’s up with the helicopter pad? I personally like the idea that Jadis has a secret helicopter that she takes for joyrides when she’s feeling like getting away from the Trash People. Anyhoo, a revenge obsessed Jadis looking to take out Rick and Negan in her helicopter would be quite a site.

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