Hate Watching The Walking Dead [S08E10: The Lost and the Plunderers]

S is for Simon

Simon takes his crew to the junkyard to mke Jadis bend the knee and (shocking to no one) all hell breaks loose and Simon ends up murdering everyone of Jadis’ junkyard hippies. It is during this tense encounter that we get the first crack in Jadis’ bizarre veneer as she drops the goofy lingo and speaks like a normal human being after Simon kills Old Man Trash Person right in front of her. The killing of That Other Lady trash Person really sets Jadis off to the point that she pops Simon right in the chops. And that is when Simon just kills everybody.

I am sure that there is supposed to be some significance to the blue paint getting on Simon’s shoe other than what we saw earlier in the episode when Rick and Michonne entered the junkyard and saw the blue paint footprints on the ground. I won’t be holding my breath on any of it being worth the wait though. The one thing I am looking forward to is Simon having to explain to Negan how he ended up massacring the entire Trash People crew when Negan’s orders were to just kill one Trash Person. Simon is the only Savior I like so hopefully he doesn’t meet the business end of Irene any time soon but once he and Negan have their showdown it should be entertaining.

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