Hate Watching The Walking Dead [S08E10: The Lost and the Plunderers]

Let’s End On A Positive Note

The acting on this episode of TWD was top notch with a few folks raising their game to new levels. Also the more Steven Ogg we get the happier I will be. His Simon is the only bright spot in the blah mess that has been The Saviors.
David Boyd is one of the few directors that this show uses who actually seems to understand how to direct a TV show. I would be happy if he were given even more opportunities to do the bulk of the episodes of a season.

The Trash People are dead! That could not have come any sooner for my tastes. And Jadis being fleshed out from the cartoonish weirdo she was introduced as is a welcome turn of events.
That trash grinder scene was awesome and shows that Greg Nicotera is unmatched when it comes to doing gory effects. If only they could keep him out of the director’s chair.

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